Video: Mike Reiss on Mike and Mike

Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic added a third Mike to their discussion -- our own Mike Reiss -- as part of their live Mike and Mike ESPN Radio broadcast from Gillette Stadium this morning. The highlights from Reiss:

* The state of the Patriots defense: "I don't think we'll have the answers until we get to the playoffs."

* Tight end Rob Gronkowski's breakout season: "Our colleague Tedy Bruschi has been saying for years Bill Belichick has been looking for years for the next Mark Bavaro, the former Giants tight end, and he has him in Gronkowski and maybe has him and more."

* Chad Ochocinco's disappointing season: "I think it was a big miscalculation by the Patriots. ... It just hasn't worked out. ... Just one of those situations where Bill Belichick took a shot at it, like he did with Albert Haynesworth, and it hasn't worked out."

* Would the Patriots consider adding Terrell Owens?: "You get a feel for what it's like in the locker room. They have it going right now in that locker room, it's a good group of guys for the most part. To me if you bring in a guy like T.O. you're almost throwing a firecracker in that locker room. And I think Bill Belichick has his finger on the pulse on this team and what he has in this locker room. I'd be surprised if he goes in that direction."