Manning: 'Fans couldn't be nicer'

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Colts quarterback Peyton Manning opened some eyes when he spent time before today's game signing autographs for fans inside Gillette Stadium.

A Manning autograph for a Patriots fan?

"I've done it every place. I've kind of used this year for a couple things that I've never been able to do -- one of them is to sign a lot of autographs before the game on the road and at home in Indy. It's good, interaction with the fans," Manning said after the Patriots' 31-24 win.

"Arguably being our biggest rival, the fans here couldn't have been nicer. Many of them told me, 'Hope you get back soon' and 'Sorry you're not out there playing today.' Certainly you enjoy hearing that from your own fans, and I know how sincere they are. Then from the biggest rival fans, some of the same fans when I'm playing I'm sure I've heard them through the years making it tough on the opposing quarterback, it's very classy. I was appreciative of it."

As Manning was in the middle of his remarks, he was interrupted by quarterback Tom Brady, who was leaving the game with his wife.

Brady and Manning shared an embrace, then took the next few minutes to catch up.