Podcast: Brian Waters in studio

Christy Berkery/Patriots Media Relations

Brian Waters joins Mike Reiss and Tedy Bruschi for this week's Patriots podcast.

This week's Patriots podcast with Tedy Bruschi and Mike Reiss has a different twist, as veteran offensive lineman Brian Waters joined the two in studio.

It was a neat scene to see the two No. 54s together -- Bruschi and Waters -- and the discussion was wide-ranging.

Waters explained the mindset of an offensive lineman at the snap, talked about the pressures of protecting Tom Brady, and what it's been like transitioning from the Chiefs (2000-2010) to the Patriots and playing for Bill Belichick.

Bruschi made the point that in previous runs to the Super Bowl, there was always been a special addition to the team that the Patriots wanted to win a Super Bowl for, and Waters is that type of player this year. At one point, the 34-year-old Waters talked about approaching the end of his career.

"One of the things I always promised my kids is that I would walk away from the game if I could. It's very hard to do, I have to be honest with you," Waters said. "I'm kind of addicted here. The environment here is so great as far as the professionalism being shown in that locker room. The environment here is come to work, do your job, go home. That, to me, has been one of the greatest things of my career."

At the end of the podcast, Waters answered questions from Patriots followers on what it's like to be in the huddle with Tom Brady, and some of the toughest defensive linemen he's had to block.

Listen to the podcast by clicking on this link.