Checking in with Welker

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- In this week's episode of "Fridays with Wes..."

Every Friday during the season, receiver Wes Welker answers questions from reporters in the locker room and there was anticipation in some circles that he'd shed light on why he was spotted at a Tuesday charity event with a "little lining" over his right wrist. Perhaps the wrist was bothering him?

"[The] wrist is fine," Welker said when asked.

When a reporter followed up and asked why he had a brace on the wrist, Welker said, "I never wore a brace. I'm not sure where that's coming from. I don't know, whatever they think, they think. I'm just out there trying to play some ball."

Welker is doing a good job of it, coming off a performance in which he had 11 receptions on 11 targets against the Colts. He's the NFL's leading receiver and a big part of why the Patriots are 9-3 and in the race for the AFC's No. 1 playoff seed.

"We're definitely in good position and we're excited about it," he said, adding that players aren't focusing on the chance to clinch the AFC East with a win and Jets loss at home vs. the Chiefs.

Welker touched on two other areas with reporters -- the importance of finishing out games and beating defensive pressure with quick passes.

The Patriots can expect pressure from the Redskins, and Welker talked about how quarterback Tom Brady is effective with the quick pass.

"I think you have to realize the type of pass-rushers we're going against, and understand that they're getting there quick, and you have to get open quick," he said. "Real sudden movements, and making quick breaks, and getting that initial separation for him to throw the ball. He does a great job of getting rid of it, and getting it to you quick, and from there we just have to make plays with it. The tackles have done a good job of trying to give him that extra split second to throw that ball."