Checking in with Nate Jones

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Veteran defensive back Nate Jones has integrated himself quickly into the mix with the Patriots.

He's been in New England just about two weeks and in his first two games with the club, he's been on the field for 135 of a possible 148 snaps (including penalties). That's a heavy workload for a player who had spent two months looking to hook on with a new team after the Dolphins released him in early October.

Jones was asked about how he's physically handled the work.

"It's part of being a professional," he responded. "It's knowing that things change and happen fast in this league, on this level. I'd be doing myself a disservice if I wasn't ready when I was [without a team]. I stay in shape, stay healthy, and keep my body conditioned, so once you come back you hope it comes back to you quick."

Jones played for the Broncos in 2010 and was with them in the preseason.

A few more thoughts from him leading into Sunday's game in Denver:

On the Broncos: "We know they've won six in a row, they're playing good. They're hot right now and they're ahead in the AFC West. So it's going to be a good game, but it's just another game on our schedule right now. We have to prepare for it just like we did every week."

On Tim Tebow: "We prepare for him just like we prepare for every other quarterback every other week. We don't want to let that get out of hand, or we don't want that to become bigger than the game. We're going to go out here and look at him just like we looked at [Rex] Grossman, and [Dan] Orlovsky, and every other quarterback we played against."

On how it could get out of hand: "It's what you read into. It's what you let get into your head, through your eyes and your ears. Of course, it's the media, and we know it's going to be a media circus, with a whole bunch of other issues. That's not what we're here to do. We get paid to play. We don't want any distractions from that front."

Reflecting on a time that has happened in his career: "Of course. I've played eight years. I've seen everything, I was with the Cowboys, I was everywhere. I've seen games where they become bigger than life. So yeah, that's just added distraction we don't want and don't need. You worry about the game. This is Game 14. We need to win."