Bill O'Brien on '2 competitive guys'

David Butler II/US Presswire

Tom Brady with offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien and coach Bill Belichick.Patriots offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien held his weekly Tuesday conference call with reporters, which offered the first opportunity to hear from him on Sunday's heated sideline exchange with quarterback Tom Brady.

O'Brien was asked what the last few days have been like, from the perspective of relatives seeing him on television. He laughed at the question.

"I heard from my mom, [to] watch my language," he said with a chuckle, before turning serious. "It's just two competitive guys that want the best for the team. We've moved on to Denver and are getting ready for Denver now."

O'Brien was told some viewed his fiery exchange with Brady as a positive sign that he isn't afraid to coach a superstar hard. He was then asked at what point he felt he could do that.

"Again, I'd really like to focus on Denver today, but when you walk in the door here and you work with Bill Belichick, you're going to learn how to coach and you're going to learn how to play," he said.

"That's one of the things we pride ourselves on here, both coaches and players looking to improve every day and communicate with each other day. Sometimes communication takes on different forms. It's an intense environment, a competitive environment and the players would want it no other way and the coaches would want it no other way. So that's what it is and we're getting ready for Denver in that same type of environment, going into a very hostile environment in Denver against a very good team. We need to have a great practice week and bring a good game-plan out to Denver."

Asked if there was anything he regretted about the sideline exchange with Brady, he said, "Again, we're moving on to Denver here. That was the Redskins game and I communicate with the players all the time. The communication takes on different forms at times, obviously. Again, we're focused on Denver at this point and that's what we're game-planning for right now, so I'd really like to just focus on Denver."