How Pats can make Tebow uncomfortable

In the NFL Live clip above, the analysts discussed whether they think the Patriots can end the Tim Tebow magic, and what they need to do to do it.

* Tim Hasselbeck: "The Patriots know how to close games out. So if you look at an offense that can score 35 points, which I can think they can easily do against Denver, then I look at the Denver Broncos and Tim Tebow having to change what they want to do offensively. Even though teams have thrown the ball against New England, the Patriots have done a nice job of getting interceptions, getting turnovers. If you do that against Tom Brady, you have no shot."

* Hugh Douglas: "You look at Tim Tebow and the magic he creates at the end of games. Most of that is because defenses break down. You're talking about Bill Belichick, a man who knows defense. I like the fact that Bill Belichick has probably been coaching his guys to stay disciplined, the defensive linemen to stay disciplined in their run lanes and force Tim Tebow to throw the football. I think the Pats are going to force Tebow to be uncomfortable and throw the football."