Belichick: Loss to Steelers spoke volumes

Wanted to pass along this soundbite from Bill Belichick's weekly interview with sports radio WEEI on Monday (link here), as it was a nugget I hadn't heard Belichick mention before. Belichick pointed to the loss to the Steelers when he learned that his team, which finished 6-2 on the road, had a high level of mental toughness.

The question was asked if Belichick learned anything about any individual players on the team in the win over the Broncos that he didn't know before.

"I'm not sure we learned anything that we didn't already know," Belichick told hosts Glenn Ordway and Michael Holley of the Big Show, who were alongside Steve DeOssie. "I think the situation was similar to what we saw at Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh was a game that we didn't do much of anything right in the first quarter, we were down 10-0, and they had the ball and moved it. We hung in there and fought right until the last play, and had a chance with an onside kick, even after the safety. It was still a chance. Certainly the odds were against us at that point, but we had a chance in a one-score game. We hung in there in a tough environment.

"So I'm not surprised that our players can hang in there on the road in a tough environment. The same thing happened in Philly. We went down on them early and hung in there and were able to win convincingly. I think the toughness of the team has come through at different points during the season.

"I'd say the Pittsburgh game, that's really the one where I saw it clearly."