Ochocinco: 'It's been a joy'

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Receiver Chad Ochocinco finds himself in a tight spot.

When he speaks with the media, it often seems to blow up into a story about him. His preference is to keep it about the Patriots.

But the NFL mandates that players must make themselves available to reporters and if they're not, they could be subject to fines. So it was with reluctance, and with some arm-twisting, that he agreed to speak with a few reporters who approached him separately today at Gillette Stadium.

It's been a while since we've heard from Ochocinco (14 catches on the season), and here is the Q&A of our brief conversation, which came as the media-access period was coming to an end:

How are things going?

"It's cool."

You seem down...

"No, I'm not. It's cool."

Thoughts on playing more, and scoring a touchdown, last week against the Broncos?

"Whenever they tell me to go in, I'll go in. That's it."

You said all along it was about winning. You're winning. How are you enjoying that part of it?

"That's [expletive] awesome. That's all this is about."

How would you describe what this experience has been like for you this year?

"Very good. A very good experience. It's been a joy. Everybody is focused on one thing, but my mind is on a bigger picture and nobody seems to realize it yet. That's why you haven't heard anything from me. I'm focused on the bigger picture."