Waters on reaction to AFC East title

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Veteran offensive lineman Brian Waters appreciated what he saw in the locker room after Sunday's victory over the Broncos. Players were happy about getting their AFC East championship hats and T-shirts, but Waters didn't spot any over-the-top reactions.

"I like it, because that's not the ultimate goal," the 12-year veteran told reporters Wednesday, when asked by WBZ-TV's Dan Roche. "That's just one step. So I liked the fact that nobody got overexcited, or like they won a Super Bowl or anything. It was 'Hey, we won a football game and it put us in a position where we want to be. It's just one step to the ultimate goal.'"

Waters, who was with the Chiefs from 2000-2010, also appreciated what he saw the next day.

"I loved the fact that we came right back into work and were right to the next football team," he said, before adding: "I love that fact about this football team."

The post-game reaction, and get-back-to-work approach, didn't surprise Waters. It's one of the things he's come to appreciate about the Patriots' approach now that he's seen it from the inside-out.

"These guys have won a lot of games around here," he said.