Xs & Os: Cosell on Pats-Fins

This is turning out to be an Xs and Os type day.

Greg Cosell, the executive producer of NFL Matchup, shares his notes from Saturday's game between the Patriots and Dolphins (link here). Cosell's thoughts highlight the more technical side of the game and here were a few of his observations that might resonate:

1. Stevan Ridley more skilled as an overall runner [than BenJarvus Green-Ellis]. Matter of trust and ball security.

2. Deion Branch 1-yard TD was a great improvisational route adjustment by Branch when he saw Brady move left out of the pocket. Smart football by a veteran receiver.

3. Marcus Cannon looked a little bottom heavy in pass protection v. the outside rush. Must move his feet quicker laterally at the RT position. Probably best suited to play OG.