Wilfork: Time to start something special

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- When Patriots defensive lineman Vince Wilfork looks at Sunday's regular-season finale against the Bills, he sees a great opportunity.

"It's a good week for us to start something special defensively," Wilfork told reporters Thursday. "It's just being able to not give up big plays, not give up any negative plays or mental errors, and for us to play as a team for once this year, for 60 minutes. You've seen it where we've played three quarters, three-and-a-half quarters, but we really haven't played four good quarters of football."

When a reporter mentioned the playoffs to Wilfork, he was quick with a response.

"I could care less who we play. The only thing for sure now is that we have one game in the regular season left and one playoff game right now. Where it is, who knows? One, two seed, who knows? Really don't care. Our main goal is playing good football, being able to play good football. You can't compare any other season to this, because each one is different. You have different players, you have different coaches, you have different teams in the playoffs, so you really can't compare. The one thing we can do is play better, coach better, just do the little things right. That's what we can control."