LA Times puts spotlight on Slater

Matthew Slater's emergence as one of the AFC's elite special teams players, with him being selected to his first Pro Bowl, has drawn the attention of the Los Angeles Times. Slater, who played at UCLA, checks in with respected NFL reporter Sam Farmer.

Farmer opens his piece this way:

Matthew Slater bulked up in a big way the moment he entered the NFL.

The New England Patriots handed the former UCLA player not just one Yellow Pages-sized binder but two — one for offense, the other for defense.

"The first day in this building they gave me two playbooks," Slater said in a phone interview Thursday. "There was no, 'We'll give you one, then we'll give you the other.' It was, 'Here's both.' I felt like I was in a graduate studies program, making flash cards and everything."

Farmer then notes that Slater has graduated with honors.

To read Farmer's piece, in which he speaks with Slater's father, Hall of Famer Jackie Slater, CLICK HERE.