Welker touches on Twitter

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Patriots receiver Wes Welker is an eight-year NFL veteran, but when it comes to Twitter, he is a rookie. The topic came up during his interview with reporters Friday.

"It's been fun. It's been nice to kind out reach out to the fans and do different things with that," said Welker, who is closing on 189,000 followers in less than two weeks.

Asked if it was safe to say he was addicted to Twitter -- Welker has totaled 236 tweets since creating his account -- he explained how he views it.

"It's like when you get that video game, the first time, and you stay up until 3 or 4 in the morning playing it, and it kind of loses its zest there for a while. I wouldn't say it's losing its zest or anything, but I don't see it being an addiction," he said.

Welker added that he understands how strong Twitter can be, and how much attention it generates, so he's been careful with what he tweets. Receiver Chad Ochocinco was the catalyst to getting Welker's account set up.

"It's never really been my thing to do that stuff. Ocho kind of got me on board with it," he said. "I've had fun with it."

Part of what Welker likes about Twitter is the opportunity to show others the comedic side of his personality. This is reflected in the short bio on his Twitter account: Professional tweeter that wastes his talents playing American Football.

"I don't think people really see that side of you a lot of times, where you do get to be kind of a goofball and stuff like that. We'll do it in the practice and in the locker room, but nobody really sees it. It is an opportunity to kind of be a clown and say some funny type stuff, and kind of enjoy it. I really try not to bring team type stuff into it; more individuals go back and forth and things like that. You have fun with it but understand I have a real job I have to do."