First Take: Debating the Patriots

Today's First Take debate centered on whether the Patriots are closer to being playoff frauds or poised to win it all (video above):

* Skip Bayless: "You know why [the Patriots are] going to win it all this year? Because of the slam-dunk, no-doubt NFL MVP Tom Brady. I believe that with all my heart. His degree of difficulty was high because of this defense. ... Don't tell me they have no chance. Tom Brady is on a mission this year."

* Kordell Stewart: "If you look at what the New England Patriots team can do, the only thing that's consistent and you can rely on is No. 12. Because teams know that going into the playoffs, they will minimize what he can do. They will apply pressure like they've done in the past. If you look at the Pittsburgh Steelers game this year, the Buffalo Bills game this year, you better believe that every coach will watch those films and figure out how they can get to this quarterback to stop him from having success."

* Rob Parker: "Who did [the Patriots] beat? They didn't beat one team over .500. They haven't won anything since Spygate, no one ever wants to talk about that. Also, they've lost their last three postseason games, the last two at home coming off undefeated home records in the regular season. They lost to Baltimore two years ago, getting run out of Foxborough. And last year, after humiliating the Jets [in the regular season], they got beat because Tom Brady was confused and they couldn't make any adjustments. I'm not buying this team. It's fraudulent. It's a fraud."