Inside the numbers of slow starts

The Patriots' slow starts have been a hot topic of discussion, and Jeremy Lundblad of ESPN's Stats & Information looks "inside the numbers" of the slow starts in a piece now posted on ESPNBoston.com.

On Sunday against the Buffalo Bills, the Patriots trailed 21-0 at the end of the first quarter, but came back to win. That had happened only seven times in NFL history. ...

... In the Patriots' eight home games, they led just once at the end of the first quarter. Overall, they've trailed in the first quarter in half of their games. In six of those, New England trailed at the end of the first quarter.

Yet, New England proved adept at coming back from early deficits. In those six games in which they trailed going into the second quarter, the Patriots went 5-1. To put that in perspective, the rest of the NFL was just 58-146.

With everything from coin flips to early struggles rushing the ball, Lundblad dissects the numbers after asking the question, "Do the Patriots have a first-quarter problem?"

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