Edelman: Passion, charisma with O'Brien

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- One by one, Patriots players were approached this morning for their thoughts on offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien agreeing to become Penn State's head coach.

One by one, they declined.

Receiver/defensive back/returner Julian Edelman was the lone player commenting.

As for what type of coach O'Brien is, Edelman said, "Coach is a very passionate guy. He knows his stuff. You know he's going to give it his all, always. I love playing for him."

Asked to describe what it's like playing for O'Brien, Edelman said, "He's very charasmatic, very emotional. He gets fired up when you get fired up. Billy O, he's just a good guy. ... You love playing for him. You want to do well for him."

Perhaps most importantly from a Patriots perspective, Edelman touched on the possibility that O'Brien's situation could affect the team's preparations for the playoffs.

"We're still getting ready for the playoffs. We didn't change anything," Edelman responded. "We're going to get back to work here soon, enjoy a couple days off, and rest ... From what I've been told, Coach will be here. Those are my thoughts on that."

Edelman didn't reveal if O'Brien was with the team today, but said, "You're always happy to see a guy succeed and get opportunities ... When guys go different directions, it gives opportunities for other people. We'll see."

Told about the harsh reaction of some Penn State alumni, and then asked if O'Brien is the type of coach who can handle that type of negativity, Edelman said, "I know Coach as an offensive coordinator and a coach as part of us. He's done great for us, and he's going to keep on doing well for us. I look forward to preparing with him this next week."