Five questions with Dane Fletcher

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Five questions with linebacker Dane Fletcher heading into the bye weekend:

What is your plan for watching the playoff games this weekend?

"I'm going to try to not watch here at the stadium. I'll be at home, nice and comfortable, and watch it with some of the guys and see what some of these teams are doing."

What do you think you can learn from watching games like that?

"You can learn so much. It's so different watching the TV view, but you can learn even the slightest things like cadences and whatnot. More importantly, you look at formations and see how they're trying to get to their go-to guys, regardless of which team it is."

How would you describe the week you just had with meetings and practice?

"It was much needed, just to get everything corrected. It's a long year. Any team is going to have their breakdowns in different coverages, so we needed to get things corrected that have been nagging at us all year."

How important do you view the opportunity to rest your body this weekend?

"It's huge. You're banging your body up, I don't even know how many weeks it is when you include training camp. It's hard on everything on your body. There isn't one person right now whose body is feeling good. At the end of the season, it's just not really possible. During the week, we got [work] in pretty good, but now it's a weekend of rest. That's good."

As a younger player, what did you learn from last year's playoff experience?

"Most importantly, I learned how fast it can be taken away. You really can't look ahead at all. It is just game by game. You have to lay it all out every game."