Pats to face winner of Steelers-Broncos

SteelersBroncosWith the Texans defeating the Bengals 31-10 in Saturday's AFC wild-card playoff game, it sets up a situation where the Patriots will face the winner of Sunday's game between the Steelers and Broncos (at Denver).

Who do you like in the Steelers-Broncos game?

And which team would you rather see the Patriots face?

One of the biggest questions from this perspective is if the Broncos will have any success moving the ball against the Steelers. The Broncos struggled against the Bills and Chiefs to close out the season, and the Steelers play defense at an even higher level than those clubs. This ties in to quarterback Tim Tebow and the ability to generate a passing game, and if the Broncos might consider replacing him with Brady Quinn at times during the game.

Elsewhere, one would think the Broncos' defense has to keep the Steelers to 20 points or fewer for Denver to have a chance. The health of quarterback Ben Roethlisberger naturally bears watching.

From a Patriots perspective, this one seems pretty clear-cut -- a Denver win would be preferred. The Broncos look like the better matchup for New England because of their offensive struggles.