Caserio, the Colts & the future

Today's news that Patriots director of player personnel Nick Caserio was viewed by the Colts as a top candidate for their vacant general manager position -- reported by ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter -- is not surprising. Caserio has a lot going for him.

It's also not surprising that Caserio, according to Schefter, turned down the opportunity.

There are two primary thoughts that come to mind:

1. Future team of Caserio and McDaniels? With Josh McDaniels' return to New England this week, the possibility of him being Bill Belichick's successor down the road was raised here. That's likely a ways off, and a lot can change in the NFL on a year to year basis, but it's good business for any manager to have a contingency plan in mind for most situations. If things did unfold that way, it wouldn't take a hard sell for Caserio to buy in, as he goes way back with McDaniels as John Carroll University alums. They are close friends. A future tandem of Caserio as general manager and McDaniels as head coach could ease the transition whenever Belichick decides to step away, and would be one significant factor in Caserio wanting to stay.

2. Going the anti-Mangini route. In most cases, Bill Belichick seems to give staff members his blessing when departing for a new challenge. He just did it for Bill O'Brien. He did it for Josh McDaniels in Denver. But there are a certain spots where it might be hard for Belichick to do so. Eric Mangini to the Jets comes to mind. Would Caserio going to the rival Colts be put in the same category? It's an interesting question to ponder, and could have factored into Caserio's thinking.

UPDATE: Colts owner Jim Irsay tweeted, "Not true about '1st candidate we wanted 2 hire.' There is not any candidate we 'wanted to hire.' I haven't interviewed. ... That's the way people get false promo about being so coveted just because they don't interview somewhere; SHELL GAME. Leave us out of that BS."

UPDATE, PART II: To which Schefter replied, "Excuse me @JimIrsay. NFL told me your general counsel Daniel Emerson emailed request for Nick Cesario on Tues before he opted to stay in NE."