Should NFL allow McDaniels move?

The NFL said there is no rule that stops the Patriots from hiring Josh McDaniels as an assistant coach for the playoffs. Two writers share the opinion that there should be.

On Saturday, before the Broncos defeated the Steelers in the wild-card round of the playoffs, Mike Klis of the Denver Post penned a blog entry titled "Broncos, playoff teams should officially protest Josh McDaniels hire in New England." (link here)

People around here and St. Louis might not think much of McDaniels’ coaching ability. But I’m telling you this is a smart football coach. This is a talented person. He may not be a leader of men, but he is good enough as a coach/talent evaluator to give the Pats a decided competitive advantage against the Broncos, if it should come to that. ... Come on, Mr. Goodell. Exercise those commissioner power and put a stop to this.

Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports shares a similar viewpoint (link here).

The Pats may be gaining a competitive advantage because of McDaniels’ obvious familiarity with many of the Broncos’ players. ... I also object to this move out of principle. The 2011 season should be treated as a separate entity, and if a coach such as McDaniels wants to line up a new gig, it should be effective after the team in question’s final game of this season.

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