PTI: Tebow a bigger star than Brady?

The PTI guys debated whether Tim Tebow was now a bigger star than Tom Brady. Here's their back-and-forth:

* Tony Kornheiser: "(Tebow) makes the needle move. He's the guy that everyone is curious about. Is his body of work as good as Brady's? No. Are his accomplishments as good as Brady's? No. I don't know who he's dating. Is his girlfriend as hot as Gisele? No."

* Michael Wilbon: "If you don't know who he's dating, he's not a big star in America. He's not (a star), he's a lightning rod, for every discussion, every debate in America. You can't walk into a lobby anywhere in the country and not have Tim Tebow (a topic of discussion). That doesn't make him a star. He's a curiosity."