NFL Live: How Broncos can keep pace

In the NFL Live segment above, our ESPN NFL analysts talk about how the Broncos can keep up with the heavily favored Patriots. They offer their strategies for Denver on both sides of the ball:

* Tim Hasselbeck on Broncos' keys on offense: "Run the football and stay committed to running the football. You did it successfully in the first quarter against New England the first time around. I think the other aspect to attacking the New England defense is every pass play can't be a double-move shot down the field. You're going to need to complete more short-to-intermediate pass plays to extend drives. I think that will be the key for Denver on offense."

* Herm Edwards on Broncos' keys on defense: "Understand where Wes Welker is at. If he's in the slot, you double him. If he's outside wide you leave him alone. Rob Gronkowski, if he's inside the core you cannot allow him a free release. If you allow him a free release he will rip your defense apart up the middle. Aaron Hernandez was the guy that got them last time. I would find a way to put Champ Bailey on Hernandez."