Video: Pats-Broncos matchups to watch

Mark Schlereth, Hugh Douglas and Herm Edwards preview Patriots-Broncos in the Field Pass video above.

* Difference maker: Patriots right defensive end Mark Anderson

Schlereth: "He's going to have to be incredibly disciplined playing to Tim Tebow's left side. If you tilt your shoulders and you dive in after that dive play, Tebow will get that corner and he'll hurt you with that option game or throwing the ball. Anderson is going to have to play with great discipline and he's got to be able to hit Tebow and take him down.

* Herm Edwards' prediction: Patriots 31, Broncos 27

Edwards: "The problem the Broncos had in the first meeting against the Patriots was, how do they cover the tight ends? That's the matchup problem for the Denver defense. Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski, that will be a problem again for the Broncos."