NFL could close 'McDaniels loophole'

The NFL will consider a rule that would block coaches from being allowed to move from one team to another team in the same season, league sources told ESPN on Saturday (link here).

This would eliminate situations like what unfolded with Josh McDaniels this year, with the Rams letting him out of his contract and the Patriots hiring him for the playoffs.

The Cowboys had a similar situation in 2009 when Paul Pasqualoni was fired as Dolphins defensive coordinator and then joined the Cowboys for the playoffs. The Broncos also have a history with this type of move, hiring Mike Shanahan as quarterbacks coach in 1989 when he was fired as Raiders head coach after four games that season (link here).

OPINION: I've had mixed thoughts on this. At first, it didn't seem right to me that McDaniels could go from one team to another in the same season. But after further thought, I felt it was a non-issue, mainly because the Rams willingly let McDaniels out of his contract (there was a financial incentive for them to do so). I do find it interesting that this becomes an issue when it happens with the Patriots, but there wasn't much outcry or discussion in 2009 when the Cowboys had a similar situation or the Broncos in 1989. Why now? If I'm a coach and the NFL adopts a rule blocking this, I'd attempt to form some type of stonger, more official group/union that fights something blocking my ability to work.