Help us give Gronk-Hernandez a nickname

The Rob Gronkowski-Aaron Hernandez duo has changed the way many teams view the TE position. David Butler II/US Presswire

Considering what Patriots tight end duo Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez have been able to do all season, we think it's time to give this dynamic duo a nickname.

It's an idea that's already caught on over at the AFC East blog (where our favorite suggestion is "Boston TE Party"), but we wanted to open it up to readers of the Patriots blog as well. Submit your nicknames in the comments section and tomorrow we'll compile our favorite five (along with the AFC East blog) and let you vote on them.

Speaking of Gronk and Hernandez, here's an interesting Football Outsiders piece (Insider access needed) with a suggestion on how the Ravens can deal with the tight end tandem. They think how the Dallas Cowboys covered them provides an interesting blueprint to follow. Here's an excerpt:

The Cowboys stymied Gronkowski and Hernandez with a wide variety of zone coverages, cutting down on big plays, avoiding mismatches and relying on their pass rush to force errant throws. It wasn't a perfect plan -- the Patriots did win the game, and on a last-minute touchdown to Hernandez at that -- but it was probably the best anyone has fared against New England's tight ends all season.