Playing honorary captain game

On Monday, the Patriots announced that owner Robert Kraft has picked the 1996 AFC Championship team as its honorary captain for Sunday's AFC Championship Game, with four players selected to take part in the opening coin toss.

Troy Brown is one of them. Who will be the other three?

This sparked discussion on Twitter, and here are some of the responses (a few fun ones included, because it doesn't always have to be so serious):

@tomwatsonpats -- #36 Lawyer Milloy has to be invited to game Sunday, heart and soul of team.

@grandjordanian -- would love to see Ted Johnson out there. Lift his spirits for sure

@commuterwatch -- Bruce Armstrong...that guy was a warrior for the Pats for so long

@VinP27 -- Year of the TE in N.E. No better candidate to honor than the original greatest - Coates.

@kimxo5TDE -- would LOVE to see @LawyerMilloy back in NE as 1 of those captains! #PatsNation misses you!

@oldwhiteguysay -- how bout stick it to the jets and pick curtis martin?

@mpatrickshea -- Sam Gash would be nice.

@Nedmarc -- OMG BIG PLAY WILLIE CLAY....(yelled that often back in the day) Oh the memories!

@GreggColli -- How about Ty Law as honorary captain then he plays in the nickel as well?

@SchwartzHub -- Gotta be Larry Whigham! He blocked a punt vs Ravens in '96. Whigham was almost as big play as Big Play Willie Clay.

@StoughtonPatch -- I'd like to see Otis Smith as a capt. since he had the big fumble return for a TD against JAX back in the AFC Champ that yr.

@ReverendDerek -- how about Ross Ventrone as captain. He was on the 96 team.

@BrendanLarkin6 -- mike "scooter" mcgruder!

@marcdasharc -- Chris Slade? Shawn Jefferson? Ben Coates? Willie Clay?

@williamanly -- my money is on vincent brisby

@accohn12 -- Gotta be Brown, Bruschi, Bledsoe...and either McGinest or Law, just not sure which one.

@merikefryjapan -- bring back Larry wigham, big play clay, scooter mcgruder, Keith byars, Marty Moore, the greats...

@Mapes4FanCave -- They should pick the 4 guys on this (link here)