Podcast: Bruschi & Reiss on Pats-Ravens

This week's Patriots podcast with Tedy Bruschi and Mike Reiss is now posted on ESPNBoston.com (link here), and here is an outline of what the two talked about:

Opening segment

1. Defining the Patriots/Ravens rivalry.

2. Looking back on '09 playoff game between the teams.

3. NFC chatter -- Giants and 49ers a surprise matchup.

Patriots vs. Ravens

1. Ravens offense keyed by running back Ray Rice; why linebacker Brandon Spikes is key.

2. Joe Flacco -- lots of questions with Ravens quarterback.

3. Hall of Famers on Ravens defense.

4. How to handle Patriots rookie running back Stevan Ridley after multiple fumbles.

5. Has the New England 'D' turned the corner?

Twitter questions

1. @EdwardYC -- Aaron Hernandez as a running back.

2. @HydockR1 -- How Ravens might defend two-TE attack.

3. @BMoss1019 -- Impact of Brandon Spikes & Patrick Chung on Patriots' D.

4. @MarySmith0302 -- Describing the atmosphere around the team on a week like this.