Schefter: Ravens 'going to be a tough out'

This excerpt from Adam Schefter's mailbag seems to indicate the ESPN NFL Insider thinks Sunday's AFC Championship Game between the Patriots and Ravens will be a close one:

Q: My New England Patriots looked dominant on Sunday against the Denver Broncos. Do you think the Baltimore Ravens have the personnel to match up with Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski? How can they slow them down? -- Quinton (Colorado)

A: They've done it before, Quinton, and they can do it again. The Ravens usually rise up for challenges such as this. Of course this is a formidable one, and Hernandez and Gronkowski are the men Baltimore must figure out a way to stop -- along with Wes Welker. But Baltimore has weapons like Ray Rice and Anquan Boldin that New England also will have a tough time slowing down. It's why this game has all the makings of a close one, one that goes down to the end. And New England does have the edge -- it has the better quarterback and home-field advantage. But the Ravens are going to be a tough out.