Waters: Ravens excel at 'being physical'

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Quick hits from offensive lineman Brian Waters' press conference this morning inside the media workroom at Gillette Stadium:

* Haloti Ngata one of the best: “He’s as good as there is in the game at that position. His ability to play all over the defensive line, his ability to have power and athletic ability to go along with that size, it’s something that you really can’t account for until you’re out there. You really don’t know how strong he is, and how athletic he is for a big man until you’re actually on the field with him.

“When he’s on the field, he’s going full blast. That’s something that, not only him but a couple of those other guys, when you’re talking about (Pernell) McPhee, and you add Cory Redding in there -- these guys are big, strong guys, but they’re also very athletic and very versatile. They’ll be all over the field.”

* On matching Baltimore’s physicality: “This will be the most physical front we’ve faced all year, and that’s something that, you know, if you watch film it doesn’t take long to figure that’s what they drive and thrive upon. Being physical, really trying to overwhelm you on defense, getting to the ball, going after the football, the way they hit, the way they attack the quarterback, the way they shed blockers. I mean, that’s definitely the emphasis of their football team.”

* No regrets from Pollard: Waters was a teammate of Ravens safety Bernard Pollard for three seasons (2006-08) with the Chiefs; that span includes Pollard’s most notorious act in his NFL career to date, the hit below the knee that wiped out Tom Brady’s 2008 season. Naturally, the topic of Pollard was brought up this morning, and Waters described him as “definitely a high-energy personality”.

“He definitely brings a lot of energy to their football team,” Waters said. “I’ve been around Bernard from when he was a rookie, and he’s the same guy he was then. He’s a very physical football player, he loves to hit, he has a very aggressive personality. So, I expect him to be at an all-time high come Sunday.”

Asked what kind of blowback Pollard received for that hit, Waters said “if you know Bernard, you know there wasn’t much blowback from him.”

“He took pride in the fact that he was able to get a hit on Tom, and he’s not going to live that down one way or the other,” Waters said. “He’s a guy that takes pride in putting hits on people, being physical. So he’s never going to back down or have any kind of regrets for that.”

* On the challenges and benefits of hurry-up offense for a lineman: “The challenges are, you never know what the a team’s going to give you, thinking very quickly, making sure that you’re still on the same page as the quarterback. Honestly, that’s probably the biggest thing, knowing who he expects us to block from play to play.”