Who's most underrated for Pats?

In a piece now posted on ESPN.com (link here, Insider content), Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. identifies two players from each remaining playoff team that he deems most underrated -- one on offense, one on defense.

His picks for the Patriots?

Offense -- Guard Brian Waters

Defense -- Outside linebacker/defensive end Rob Ninkovich

On Waters, Williamson writes, "He was a tremendous pickup for New England and not only brings a lot on the field but a great attitude and leadership off the field. Waters has had a fantastic run in the NFL, but few realize just how big a contributor he is at this stage of his career."

On Ninkovich, Williamson writes, "Players like Ninkovich are right up Bill Belichick's alley, as he is sound and reliable but able to do a lot of things, which allows Belichick to alter his defense depending on the opponent."