Dilfer likes Brady's chances to hit 40

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has said in the past that he hopes to play until he's at least 40 years old. How realistic is that goal?

The topic was brought up on ESPN's conference call with analysts Trent Dilfer and Tedy Bruschi today, and Dilfer said Brady is someone he wouldn't bet against.

"I wouldn't put it past him," Dilfer remarked. "Tom is a unique competitor. I think we throw around the team 'great' too easily. I don't think we do it with Tom. I think he's truly one of the greatest competitors we've seen in football. The more people say he can't, the more he will."

A big key for the 34-year-old Brady will be his legs.

"That's what goes first with quarterbacks, their legs. Once you lose your legs, you kind of lose everything else," Dilfer said. "I remember Kurt Warner talking about that late in his career, and obviously I experienced it. Every quarterback experiences it.

"I think Tom works hard enough to maintain the leg strength he needs to be as precise as he is, and I think he's a competitor that if he puts something in his mind that he's going to do something, he's a guy that goes out and does it, and there's very few people in sports like that. I think Tom is right up there, when he puts his mind to something, he's going to do it. So I fully expect him to be playing at 40 if he says he's going to."

Dilfer added one more aspect as to why he thinks 40 would be a realistic goal for Brady.

"We talked so much about the Tim Tebow "will factor" this year [but] I think Tom Brady might have as great a will as anybody in football," he said.