Reiss' Super pick comes through

In his initial ESPNBoston.com podcast of the 2011 NFL season with Tedy Bruschi, back in September, Patriots reporter Mike Reiss picked a Super Bowl XLVI matchup of the Patriots and Giants.

The podcast can be heard here, and the Super Bowl picks are at the four-minute mark:

"In the AFC, I'm going to stay right at home with the New England Patriots. I know some people might look at it and say, 'Mike, you're such a homer. How can you pick the Patriots?' Here's how I can pick them: I like the changes on defense. I think that's been a big issue for them in the playoffs the last couple of years. You remember the first play of that Ravens playoff game, they were run right over. Last year against the Jets, I thought [Mark] Sanchez had too much time. They need to dictate more than they have in the past. And, of course, it comes back to Tom Brady. Tedy, I know you don't like it when people say 'as long as you have the quarterback, you have a chance,' but I do think it starts there. Obviously, you have the weapons around him. If that offensive line can hold up, I really like the chances for the offense to be dynamic. Coupled with the changing defense, I'll go Patriots in the AFC.

"I don't want to go chalk in the NFC, because I'm sort of going with it in the AFC. I'm going to go with the New York Giants, a little bit of a different team, a team I have a lot of respect for because I think they're tough, well coached, and something tells me that while everyone is focused on the Philadelphia Eagles, the "Dream Team" in that NFC East, the Giants are going to kind of steadily hold their ground and surprise people."

Nicely done, Mike. Any suggestions on this week's lottery numbers?