MacMullan on Pats & Super Bowl

In a piece now posted on ESPNBoston.com, columnist Jackie MacMullan writes on the Patriots and their preparations for Super Bowl XLVI.

Four seasons later, we have a rematch of the franchises who played in that epic game, and while this rivalry will not generate the venom that a New York Jets-New England Patriots showdown invariably spews, their shared history makes for an intriguing sequel.

The Giants are not "just another team." The sting of what happened to Brady, Belichick and the boys in Super Bowl XVLII clearly has lingered, perhaps because they haven't made it back to the grand stage since.

There has been significant turnover on both rosters since the instant classic, a point that Belichick hammered home to his new, young, impressionable participants.

"Coach told us this would be a different ballgame all together," fourth-year receiver Matthew Slater insisted. "He said the Giants only have eight of their guys left from that game, and we have only five guys."

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