Belichick on O'Brien, McDaniels

Patriots coach Bill Belichick was asked about the presence of Josh McDaniels on the coaching staff, and how it has helped the team with offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien juggling his duties as Penn State head coach.

"It's great to have Josh here. Josh was here for a long time and he obviously made a lot of contributions to our team and our success. He and I had a good working relationship and it's good to have him back," Belichick said.

"That being said, Billy has continued to do, in the last few weeks since he's been named the head coach at Penn State, everything that he's done this year and last year on a weekly basis. He's had the same responsibilities. He's just worked very hard to try to manage the two situations, but by far and away, the majority of his time and energy and effort have all been put into the New England Patriots. He's done his full-time job here well and very diligently, just like he always has. There hasn't been any difference.

"But it's good to have Josh here. Josh has a lot of experience. He knows our players, he knows our system. Billy and Josh work together. Josh and I work together. Dante [Scarnecchia, OL coach], Ivan [Fears, RB coach], so there is a lot of background and history there that has pretty quickly, I think, come together and come up to speed. Everybody has their roles the roles they've had and Josh has just added a little bit more to that by his presence.

"But it hasn't taken away from anything that everybody else has been doing. It's just added to it."