Belichick's affection for Giants

"Bill Belichick" and the word "affection" aren't often linked, but they were yesterday. The topic was his time with the Giants and he was asked if he still has affection for the franchise.

"I was there for 12 years. Those were 12 great years in my life," Belichick said of his tenure as an assistant on the New York staff (1979-90). "I loved every one of them with the Giants; the people that I worked with, where I lived, our community. Two of my kids were born there, so there are a lot of fond memories there, absolutely. Tom [Coughlin] and the relationship on the coaching staff with those guys, especially on defense, with Romeo [Crennel] and Al [Groh] and so forth. That was a big, big part of my career and my life."

Belichick, now in his 12th season as Patriots coach, also referenced the scene from the documentary "Bill Belichick: A Football Life", when he took a trip down Memory Lane at the old Giants Stadium.

"I think that came out in the whole piece in the interview there the last time I was in that facility. It was certainly an emotional moment that struck a lot of chords," he said.