Tuck: It's our D-line vs. their O-line

Giants defensive end Justin Tuck was a big part of the reason why the Giants beat the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII, sacking Tom Brady twice and forcing the New England QB to fumble. New York sacked Brady five times in the game

"I've been pacing around the house the last couple of days just trying to remember some of the things I did to get my mental aspect to thjat point in that game four years ago," Tuck said on ESPN's NFL32. "I'm excited for this game ... hopefully i can get back in that type of zone that i was in out in Arizona."

Tuck thinks Super Bowl XLVI will be decided in the trenches.

"The biggest position that's going to make a difference in this game is the lines," Tuck said. "Our D-line versus their O-line. If we're able to get the pressure that we got on him four years ago, we'll have a great chance to win this game. If you allow tom to sit back there and pick you apart, you don't have a shot."

Tuck also showed a healthy respect for the weapons at Brady's disposal.

"Tom is an awesome quarterback. They do more to set up mistach problems than anybody I've faced in my career," Tuck said. "They have that in the Wes Welkers of the world, the two tight ends they have, they have some things where they can spread guys out and get you in a situation that you're not comfortable playing football in. I feel confident that our secondary can match up with their skill positions."

YOUR TURN: Do you agree with Tuck that the key matchup of the game is the Patriots O-line against the Giants' pass rush?