Getting personal business out of the way

ESPN analyst and former NFL head coach Herm Edwards was on SportsCenter this morning to talk about what the Patriots and Giants might be up to this week before heading to Indy for Super Bowl XLVI.

In addition to doing a lot of self-scouting, Edwards said, the teams are probably telling players to take care of their personal business: deciding who gets Super Bowl tickets, who gets hotel rooms, which family members are flying in, etc.

"You tell players 'This is the week to handle your business.We're gonna do work, but you have to handle your business. There can be no distractions the following week,'" Edwards said.

ESPN analyst and former Patriot Tedy Bruschi talked about the challenge of managing that distraction as well on ESPN Boston Radio on Tuesday.

"You get a lot of family and a lot of friends wanting tickets and wanting to see the game. people that you maybe haven't talked to all season want to come to the game," Brady said. "When I was a rookie in '96, I tried to deal with that all by myself ... it was really hectic for a young player. I was a rookie at that time.

"I was fortunate that i went to multiple Super Bowls after that. I started to learn that when all the requests come in, you appoint sort of a bad guy. Every response I would send everyone was 'Contact my wife. She handles everything'. That really simplified everything for me."