Parcells on Belichick, Coughlin

Bill Parcells was a guest on ESPN Radio's "Mike & Mike" program this morning and he shared his thoughts on two of his former assistants -- Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and Giants head coach Tom Coughlin. The coaches are a big storyline leading into Super Bowl XLVI.

"I think they do have an awful lot in common; I think their persona is just a little different on the part of each of them," Parcells said on the program. "Both of them were straight football guys, intense competitors, very thorough, quite intense in their preparations, and certainly both of them would get the information to the players very, very well.

"You know Bill Belichick was the son of a coach, I knew his father [Steve] very well. He came up [with] football all his life. Tom kind of took the same route I did as a coach, starting in a very, very small Division III school. He was mowing the grass and lining the fields, and doing all the tasks that a coach in one of those situations has to do. So he came up the hard way and people who do that learn the ropes. I think Bill was taught by his dad on what was necessary, and Tom, by his experience, starting off at a very low level as a coach -- I did the same things at Hastings College in Nebraska -- makes you appreciate it when things change for the better."

As for coaching in a Super Bowl compared to the regular season, Parcells shared some of his personal experience.

"What I tried to do was have something a little extra ready, whether it be a fake punt or a field goal," Parcells said. "I tried to tell the players, 'We're going to pull out all stops here. We're going to try anything.' Keeping in mind the risk/reward, you have to do that, of course. But I wanted to understand that we were going to try to do every single thing we could to win the game. ... In a couple big games I coached there, that did turn out to be true."

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