Brady talks Kraft, Eli, Super Bowl

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Quick hits from Tom Brady's news conference today at Gillette Stadium:

1. On telling Robert Kraft, after the AFC Championship, that he'd play better in Super Bowl: "I'm always trying to play better. Every player on this team is trying to play better every week. I'm glad we won that game, I'm glad we're sitting in this position now, and I think a lot of guys played really well. That's what it's going to take again this week. I always have private conversations with Mr. Kraft. They're supposed to be private. I guess they're not."

2. On Rob Gronkowski and if he'll be ready for the game: "I have no idea. I'm not sure. I think everyone deals with bumps and bruises this time of year. It's the Super Bowl and we're all trying to get out there be healthy. It's tough to miss this game. You put all the work in over the course of the entire year to have the opportunity to play in this game, everyone is going to do everything they can to be out there."

3. On Eli Manning: "He’s a great quarterback. He’s been the first pick in the draft. I’ve always watched him. He has everything you could want in a quarterback. I’ve seen what he’s done in the fourth quarter, bringing this team back. They have a lot of respect for him, and so do I. ... I watched the San Francisco game and he was getting drilled. But he stayed in there, making throws and [not backing down]. He’s certainly a great leader for that team. He plays at an extremely high level. You don’t get to this game without playing at a high level. I have a ton of respect for him. He’s a great quarterback and a great leader."

4. Pressure of playing in the Super Bowl for him: "I think there is pressure for every player. It's not necessarily me. There is certainly pressure on me, there is pressure on the coaches and the players. We're expected to do our job at a very high level. You go into this game, where you're playing your toughest opponent, there are only two teams that are playing in this that are still going. There is certainly a finality to this game. You're putting absolutely everything you can into it, preparation wise, and you're expected to go out there and play to your very best. There is no reason why we shouldn't, because we've had [106] practices, it's our 23rd game of the game. It's pretty incredible when you think of a real long football season. We have experience, we've seen a lot. This is our third time we'll be playing this team -- preseason, regular season, postseason -- so there is some familiarity with them. Everyone should be excited and ready to go out and play our best game."