Leftovers from locker room

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Some leftover soundbites from Thursday's media access period in the locker room:

Defensive end Mark Anderson on dealing with ticket requests: "That can be a big distraction, if you wait and let it linger on through the week. [Coach] Bill [Belichick] and the whole staff did a great job of letting us take care of that early so we can focus on the game."

Offensive tackle Matt Light on the Giants' defensive line: "I think they're all very athletic. I think they can all line up where they want. Whether they're walking around behind the line of scrimmage, or playing defensive tackle versus defensive end, those guys are an athletic group. They play well with each other as far as running their games. I think when you have a group like that, you can't just isolate any one of them. So we got our work cut out for us. ...There's other people that try to do similar things with their guys, walking them around, taking them off the line of scrimmage and moving them around, but I think [the Giants] probably the best."

Cornerback/safety Sterling Moore on building confidence from Sunday's pass break-ups: "Maybe a little bit. But not to sound cocky, but I was always confident with what I can do when I'm out there. It just proved that I can do it on the big stage. ...I always knew what I could do. I just needed a shot to prove to people that I could go out there and make plays."

Linebacker Rob Ninkovich on return of linebacker Brandon Spikes: "He brings a ton of energy. He's one of those guys on game day that you want to be around, because he's so amped-up and ready to roll. So I love him out there and it's great having him out there. ...His physical play is just at a higher level. He's just very physical, and he's just great at stopping the run and really getting after people."