Gronk mic'd up on Sound FX

"I'm back! I'm good!"

Those are the words tight end Rob Gronkowski said as he returned to the field after missing nine plays during the AFC Championship Game with an ankle injury.

This was captured in the latest installment of Sound Fx by NFL Films (link here on NFL.com), as an excited Gronkowski looks to Wes Welker at the end of the game and says, "We're Super Bowl-bound, baby!"

Then, in the post-game celebration, coach Bill Belichick leans down from the stage and says to Gronkowski, "That's why I brought you here."

To which Gronkowski responds, "Thanks Dog."

Belichick then asks Gronkowski if he's OK after his ankle injury.

"I'm good," Gronkowski answers. "I'll be good."

As usual, great stuff from NFL Films, which put something together on the first half (link here).