Waters quick hits: Know thy enemy

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- A few choice words from Patriots guard Brian Waters on Friday:

On the Giants’ pass rush: “You’ve gotta know that every one of those guys have different elements of their game, from [Jason Pierre-Paul] and his long arms and his super athletic ability, to a guy like [Justin] Tuck, who’s a veteran, a guy that’s always gonna give you one look and do something different, to the bigger guys in the middle, the guys [who are] real physical. You’ve just gotta know from guy to guy who you’re going against.”

On whether it’s tougher to run block or pass block against the Giants: “It’s probably about the same, to be honest with you, because you know that they’re probably not going to stand still if it’s the little guys. But again, if you go against the big guys and when it comes to pass blocking, you know that their job is to press the pocket, get in the middle, get down the middle. You try to give Tom [Brady] an opportunity to step up.”

On the lateral movement of the Giants’ defensive line: “I don’t think [they move laterally] as much as you would expect, with them having smaller guys. Most of those small guys have a lot of power -- I mean, Tuck and even Osi [Umenyiora], when he gets it going, when he gets a three, four yard head start, there are times when you can think he’s going to be doing a lot of stuff and he just comes right down the middle of you. So you’ve got to play them honest. I don’t think they move as much as people would expect.”

On being a veteran leader in his first Super Bowl: “You know, the one thing about it [is], you don’t really have to look too far past Bill [Belichick] for leadership. Here, as players, the one thing you get a great opportunity to do is just come and do your job. You’re not asked to do more than that. It’s great when you have leaders -- there are natural born leaders on every football team and that cream will rise to the top and those guys will step out when necessary -- but you don’t really have to take it upon your shoulders to be anything other than who you are and do your job.”

On the Patriots’ familiarity with the Giants: “We’re very familiar with each other. We’ve played a lot of games. There’s a lot of film to watch, there’s a lot of stuff that you’re gonna be able to practice on. You just don’t know what you’re gonna get from game to game. They don’t know what they’re going to get from us, we don’t know what we’re gonna get from them come Sunday. We just need to be ready to adjust to whatever they throw at us and I’m sure they’ll be saying the same thing.”

On whether he has to pinch himself now that he’s playing in the Super Bowl: “I’ve tried really hard to control everything to this point. I’ve tried to get all the administrative stuff out of the way and really focus on the details of the game as much as possible. I haven’t got there yet. I got a feeling things will change once we land [in Indianapolis].”