MacMullan: Belichick everbody's critic

ESPN.com Illustration

ESPNBoston.com columnist Jackie MacMullan has a great read this morning on the methods Bill Belichick uses to motivate his players. To say he serves up humble pie during film sessions only begins to describe it. The piece includes interviews with former Patriots Tedy Bruschi and Mike Vrabel as well as current Pats James Ihedigbo, Stephen Gostkowski and Julian Edelman. Here's an excerpt:

New England's current two-way contributor, Julian Edelman, said he can't narrow his humliations down to one specific film moment.

"There are so many of them," he said. "Mostly when I fumble the ball."

Edelman said he has learned to appreciate Belichick's film assaults, even if they are directed at him. He likes the idea of accountability and the reinforcement of fundamentals.

"It's kind of like Bill's signature thing," he said. "And besides, sometimes it's pretty funny. He has a good sense of humor."

The Belistrator loves to run a particular play when center Dan Koppen is supposed to be cleaning up the pocket, but is unable to make contact.

"We're waiting, Dan," Belichick delights in saying as the film runs. "Still waiting … still waiting …"

"Coach," Koppen finally responded after two years of seeing clip, "no matter how many times you show this, I'm still not going to get there."

"Anybody, Dan? Anybody? Can you just hit somebody?" chortled Vrabel, in his best Belistrator voice. "That's one of my favorites."

As a complementary piece, Mike Rodak checks in with Belichick's top 10 most unconventional coaching moves. Check it out and let us know if we missed any you would have included.