Bed check: Crisp practice & injuries

INDIANAPOLIS -- Capping off the night with the three biggest takeaways from the Patriots' second day in town for Super Bowl XLVI:

1. Patriots practiced in full pads & inside Colts facility with a solid day of work. Preparing for their first indoor game of the season, the Patriots practiced in the Colts' indoor facility in full pads. "We had a good, crisp workout," coach Bill Belichick said. Defensive lineman Vince Wilfork said that Belichick stressed the importance of Monday's practice. "I think everybody was focused, everybody was ready to come practice, and I think we had a pretty decent practice," Wilfork said. The Patriots are off Tuesday -- they'll take part in Media Day festivities -- before returning to the practice field Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

2. No practice for Gronkowski. The Patriots didn't have to submit a participation report for their Monday practice, but Belichick volunteered the information anyway -- tight end Rob Gronkowski didn't practice. This was out of character for Belichick, who in similar situations over the course of the season most often would mention that the injury report will come out Wednesday at 4 p.m. ET. Why would Belichick suddenly be so open with injury information? It makes one wonder if Gronkowski might not practice at all leading up to Sunday's kickoff, keeping as much pressure off his injured left ankle as possible.

3. Vollmer's cast came off two weeks ago. In addition to providing a status report on Gronkowski, Belichick also dished that starting right tackle Sebastian Vollmer had a cast removed before the Jan. 14 playoff game against the Broncos. Vollmer has been listed on the injury report with back and foot injuries. Belichick said Vollmer was close to playing in the AFC Championship against the Ravens, which would make one think he has a good chance of suiting up Sunday against the Giants. That would be a huge boost for the Patriots. Consider what Belichick said last Thursday: "If Sebastian is ready, he can help our football team. He’s a good football player. There’s no question he would absolutely be on the game day roster if he’s ready."