Chung, Mayo taking it all in

INDIANAPOLIS -- They might not be rookies, but Tuesday's Super Bowl XLVI media day had Patriots linebacker Jerod Mayo and safety Patrick Chung wide-eyed as both prepare to participate in their first Super Bowl.

"This feels good, man. It feels good," Chung said. "As the week goes along, it’s going to get more intense, but right now I’m enjoying it. We’re enjoying it, having fun and everything’s good."

Chung wasn't the only young stalwart of the Patriots' defense who says he's having fun this week. Mayo echoed Chung's sentiments, adding that he has "been preparing [his] whole life for this moment."

"I’ve played it over and over in my head. So many times," Mayo said. "I’ve even thought about it when I was a kid, and dreaming about the Super Bowl. And now it’s finally here."

Besides Mayo and Chung, few members of the Patriots defense have experienced the excitement leading up to playing in the Super Bowl. But where they lack in experience, they make up in chemistry.

"We’re all one. We’re all brothers in there, like a family. Honestly, like a family," Chung said. "We hang out together, we talk crap together, everything is together. We do everything together. That’s why we’re so close."

When asked about what he takes pride in as a player, Chung directed the focus off the field.

"Honestly, it’s not even on the field. Just off the field, being a good person. I’m very humble and down to earth," Chung said. "I’m totally different when I’m on the field and off the field. Just being cool with everybody, being a good guy and being down to earth."