12 things to know about Brady

ESPN.com Illustration

ESPN.com senior writer Elizabeth Merrill writes about "12 things to know about Tom Brady", highlighting some the off-the-radar things after speaking with those close to the Patriots quarterback.

The well-meaning gentleman on the phone says there are no new stories left to tell about Tom Brady. The No. 199 thing? It's been done. And done. The Tom-Brady-hates-to-lose-so-much-that-it-hurts yarn? Google that, and it'll get you 4 million hits. The ground has been plowed here; there's nothing else to say. Tom Brady is married to a supermodel, for God's sake. He can't even go to Vegas, much less buy diapers at the store, without being stalked by paparazzi.

So therein lies the problem this Super Bowl week, of writing a story about a quarterback who's been to five of these things, who's been dissected on this stage as he's led his team to the biggest sports spectacle in the world. What can you say about Tom Brady that hasn't been said? What could we possibly learn at this point?

"There's really nothing more to say," says Brady's dad, Tom Brady Sr.

"I mean, if I could help you, I would … "

But Merrill is not to be denied, and Tom Brady Sr., ultimately helps the cause. Did you know these 12 things about Brady?

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