Bruschi's Breakdown on Super Bowl

INDIANAPOLIS -- Every week during the season, Tedy Bruschi and Mike Reiss dissect the Patriots' upcoming game in "Bruschi's Breakdown" on ESPNBoston.com. This week's breakdown has been posted and Bruschi starts with a look at coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady.

I think this highlights the competitive drive that both of them have. One championship isn't good enough. Two … three … it's just not enough. They've had incredible win streaks here, but it's always about "next," "What more can be done?" and "How much better can it get?" It's that way until it ends. They'll never reflect until it ends.

As for injured tight end Rob Gronkowski and his left high ankle sprain, Bruschi has no doubt that he'll be there.

Gronkowski is tough. He'll be there, but how effective he will be is the question. This is the biggest game of his life and I'm sure he will tell everyone who is willing to listen that he is ready to go. In the end, coaches must decide if he can help the team or if he will be a liability.

When it comes to the Giants, Bruschi has big praise for quarterback Eli Manning.

Let's give him some props for his intangibles. The mental toughness he's shown throughout his career, being Peyton Manning's little brother, the No. 1 pick, being in New York, dealing with all the criticism. That 49ers game two weeks ago, as many times as he was hit and on the ground, that mental toughness shone through. He took every hit and was still delivering quality throws late in the game, accurate throws. If I'm ranking quarterbacks, I'd put Tom Brady on the top in terms of mental toughness and I'd put Eli Manning No. 2.

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