Leftovers from Goodell address

INDIANAPOLIS -- The highlight from a Patriots perspective at NFL commissioner Roger Goodell's annual address on Friday was that there are issues to be resolved with the Patriots-Rams game to be played in London next season. Here are some leftover nuggets:

1) Trade deadline will be studied. Goodell was asked if he will recommend to the NFL competition committee that the trade deadline, which is currently in mid-October, be pushed back to further in the season. The question was made in context of the Houston Texans' quarterback situation this season, and if the trade deadline prevented the Texans from acquiring another quarterback following a season-ending injury to starter Matt Schaub. Goodell said that he would have the competition committee study the issue, but that it was up to the committee to make its own recommendation.

2) More Thursday night games. The NFL will be expanding its Thursday night slate of games next season. The Thursday night schedule will begin in Week 2, and each team will play at least one prime time game each season.

3) Cold-weather Super Bowls. Goodell answered a pair of questions related to cold weather Super Bowls played in open air Super Bowls, from reporters in both Philadelphia and Chicago. In the case of Chicago, Goodell said that Chicago would most likely meet the hotel and infrastructure requirements for a Super Bowl, and said the league would consider any bid that Chicago entered for the game. For the Philadelphia question, Goodell said that the league will "see how it goes off" with the 2014 Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, and make determinations regarding future Super Bowls played in open-air stadiums in cold weather cities from there.