Video: Mega-roundtable preview

In the video above, ESPN's NFL experts preview Super Bowl XLVI mega-roundtable style.

Steve Young: "[The Patriots are] an underdog team now. I think they can take that role, which they haven't had in the past couple of super bowls. ... I think you're going to get, in subtle ways, the best that Tom [Brady] has."

Trent Dilfer: "Eli [Manning] has been so hot. And as you study him the thing that he's done incredibly well is he's been as decisive as I've ever seen him throwing the football. ... In this game he's gonna see a lot of flooded secondary play... so he's going to have very tight windows. He's going to have to anticipate his throws. And if he starts questioning those throws and becomes indecisive, we could be looking at a bad Eli."

Jerry Rice, Keyshawn Johnson, Tedy Bruschi, Mike Ditka, Jon Gruden and others also weigh in, with Johnson offering pointed comments about Julian Edelman's ability to cover Giants WR Victor Cruz. "It can not happen," he says. "I don't see it happening at all."